CedarCLEAR® Poly Aluminum Chloride coagulants offer superior performance in many water treatment applications. Varying in terms of their aluminum concentration and basicity, these products make it possible to find a suitable treatment for almost every potable, wastewater or industrial application.

What is Poly Aluminum Chloride?

Poly Aluminum Chloride, also known as PAC or PACl is a pre-polymerized aluminum coagulant that is very different than many Common organic polymers used in water treatment. It lowers the overall pH, just as traditional coagulants like alum or ferric chloride. However, the presence and level of the OH ions in poly aluminum chloride (referred to as basicity) reduces the magnitude of the pH depression. This affects the degree to which the aluminum molecules in poly aluminum chloride gain a higher charge, making them more effective at coagulating the negatively charged turbidity, suspended solids and phosphorous in raw water. The higher charge Poly Aluminum Chloride allows less aluminum to be added. Hence less hydroxide is formed and the amount of sludge is reduced.

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