DB Series Dry Polymer Preparation System

The Dry Polymer Preparation Systems are built for simple, low maintenance operation. Years of field experience with dry polymer preparation combined with the knowledge of the leading manufacturer of water-soluble polymers is incorporated into every design.

Our dust control module simply uses water to:

  • Contain the polymer particles to prevent dust buildup
  • Disperse the powder to prevent agglomerations
  • Hydraulically shear the product to begin proper activation
  • Transport the solution to the aging tank

Modular designs allow for various configurations, such as:

  • Big Bag support hoppers with framework (standard as shown)
  • Bulk Bag Forklift Framework (for low overhead applications)
  • Hoist and Gantry arrangement with Bulk Bag lifting cross
  • Small discrete logic programmable controller
  • Allen-Bradley™ PLC and Panelview™ Touchscreen OperatorInterface** (Optional)
  • Air Compressor if plant air is not available (Optional)

** Allen-Bradley™ PLC and Panelview™ are registered trademarks of Rockwell Automation.

System Parameters

  • 300-3000 lbs./day (135-1350 kg/day)*
  • 0.3-10.0 lbs./minute dry polymer feed rate (0.14-4.5 kg/min)*

* Consult your CedarChem Engineering Representative for unit sizing or for an entire system from bulk delivery to the application point.

B – Big bag support hopper1 – (1) Mix tank, (1) Application tank
2 – (2) Mix/application tanks, (2) agitators
0 – Plant air required
C – Air compressor provided
E – Electric ball valve (special)
0 – No rapid fill required
R – Rapid fill valve
DB – 100
Weight: 920 lb (420 kg)
Dimensions: (L x W x H)
4’(1220mm) x 4’(1220mm) x 5’(1525mm)
Water – 1 1/2” NPT
Solution – 2” NPT
Air – 1/4” FNPT

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