Peracetic acid is your choice for environmentally friendly municipal wastewater treatment. “Fast acting and short lasting,” peracetic acid reduces pathogens by up to 25% within five seconds of dosing, then quickly breaks down into harmless oxygen and vinegar. No need to de-chlorinate, and no harmful by-products or THMs in plant discharges. 

Effectively controlling microbes with dosages as low as 1 ppm and no additional chemicals necessary, peracetic acid offers up to a 25% cost savings when compared with chlorination and de-chlorination systems. As one of the most powerful oxidizers available, contact times to meet NPDES permit limits for pathogens are as little as ten minutes. 

Available in both 15% and 22% options, CedarChem® supplies the highest registered concentrations available to allow for lower chemical storage volumes and to provide its customers lower shipping costs.

Benefits of Using PAA:

  • Environmentally friendly means of disinfection
  • More effective than Sodium Hypochlorite 
  • Increases UV efficiencies and reduces cleaning cycles 
  • Eliminates Sodium Thiosulfate, Sodium Bisulfite, and/or Sulfur Dioxide  
  • Eliminate Chlorine Gas Cylinders and mandated safety plan! 
  • Safer for operators
  • Available in all container sizes

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